The extraordinary versatility of lasers allows them to be used with an amazingly wide range of materials. Our customers come to ILS looking for marking and cutting services on a variety of both organic and inorganic substrates ‒ some commonplace and some decidedly unusual. At ILS we specialize in working with our customers to find an application that gives them the results they need when they need them.

Laser technology provides a number of advantages over traditional glass etching. There is no need to mask the glass, for example, and the precision of the laser allows us to reproduce engraved artwork and patterns with stunning detail. Whether for personalization or decoration, ILS is able to work with flat or cylindrical glass items.

Wood cutting and engraving by laser opens up a vast array of possibilities. Almost any kind of wood — hardwoods, softwoods, veneers, MDF, plywood, inlays and more — can benefit from the precision of lasers. Photo-engraving images, cutting intricate parts, decorative engraving, personalization of wooden gift items are just a few of the ways laser meets wood.

plastics & rubber
Plastics & Rubber
Plastics are one of the most common materials with which we work. ILS is able to work with a wide range of polymers. Labeling parts, serialization, barcoding/data matrix, and precision cutting are a few of the applications we routinely provide.

Marking, cutting and etching of metals makes up a significant portion of the work we do at ILS. We routinely work with a variety of metals including precious metals, steels including stainless, alloys, brass, copper, titanium, tungsten, nitinol, bronze and aluminum — both coated and raw.

Cylindrical Parts
The world isn’t flat and neither are some parts. Cylindrical parts are a bit more complicated but something ILS does all the time. Our high-precision rotaries allow us to wrap markings and/or artwork around cylindrical parts or index the part in order to accommodate the part’s contour to preserve accurate and clear marking. We can even mark inside an open cylinder.

There are a variety of ways the laser can be used with paper. Most everyone has seen the intricate greeting cards, stencils, and place mats that are laser cut with extraordinary detail and artistic precision. But there are also industrial applications including everything from marking and perforating paper backings to laser anti-counterfeit "watermarking".

coated materials
Coated Materials
Anodized, plated, or coated metal nameplates are the most common application we see involving coated materials. But there are many others. Coated or laminated plastics used in membrane switches or annunciator panels is another. In addition, there are a variety of coating products that are used with the laser to achieve specialized applications.

textiles & leather
Textiles & Leather
Like wood, textiles and leather represent a broad, creative canvas for the craftsperson. Lasers can be used to mark intricate artwork and even photos. In addition, they can cut detailed patterns and can be used to ‘tool’ leather with a speed that eclipses traditional methods.

stone, marble & granite
Stone, Marble & Granite
The laser acts like a microscopic chisel allowing us to render highly detailed artwork or photographs into a variety of stone substrates. Text and images can be engraved with detail unattainable by any other method. Customers come to ILS for personalized marble giftware, garden markers, pet memorials, and even wall-sized murals for interior and architectural projects. We’re even able to colorize etchings in marble for a truly unique, artistic effect.