Our lasers offer precision and accuracy and along with our seasoned laser technicians we provide engineered technologies which offer quality and repeatability in every machine.

    With over 30 years in the laser industry we’ve built a body of experience that is as broad as it is deep… from prototype to design

    We work with some of the largest, most recognized and most respected brands in the world. Volvo, Schneider Electric, Snap On Tools, Olympus, General Electric, ABB, Boston Scientific, Delphi, Covidien, Danfoss, and Synthes are just a few of the companies we are proud to call customers.

    We work closely with every customer to ensure that they achieve the results they are after. We can often provide valuable guidance — from prototypes to final design.

    Time is money. We get that. We respect our customers’ timelines and work diligently to find the most effective, just-in-time solutions. We pride ourselves in meeting production quantity needs while managing tight deadlines.

    When purchasing an in-house laser system simply doesn’t yet make financial sense, Laser Americas helps to minimize your overhead and reduce your capital expenditures. And once you do make that leap, Laser Americas will be there to handle your overflow or provide turnkey solutions when demand exceeds your capacity. When you can justify a machine, we offer a broad range of laser marking, cutting or welding systems from start up to fully automated.

    Technology in our industry is always moving forward. We make sure that we keep up with state of the art innovations in order to save you time, money, and provide the highest quality laser systems.
  • Laser Americas offers both turnkey laser cutting, welding and marking systems as well as contract manufacturing for metals and organic materials.

    Prototype machines as well as production machines for high volume with full automation, robots, vision and custom features.

    Large or small
    Intricate or simple

    With quality and service that is guaranteed.
  • Rapid response prototyping, on time deliveries of machines, and just-in-time services are the foundation of our work at Laser Americas.
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