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CO2 Laser Cutting and
Etching Systems

Class IV Laser CO2 Cutting Systems

Our Flagship large format CO2 laser cutting and etching system is a top performer in the industry. Equipped with a HyperDual motion package featuring a rack and pinion design and dual high-powered servo motors. This innovation has improved acceleration rates up to 150” per second when etching. With five bed sizes and several choices in laser power, the flexibility of our CO2 cutting and etching system sets a new industry standard.

Features Include:

  • Made in the USA
  • 52” x 50”, 52” X 100”, 60” X 120”, 80” X 120”, and 86” X 144” working bed sizes available
  • Up to 650W laser sources
  • Laser Source is manufactured in the US to the highest quality standards, has a wide operating power range, and offers exceptional power stability.
  • HyperDual motion package results in fast acceleration rates, smooth cut radiuses, and fast processing speeds.
  • Our exhaust system removes fumes and small particles from the work area with an integrated downdraft table to hold down working materials securely.
  • Intuitive software works with most CAD file formats.
  • 2-year limited system warranty