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Advanced CO2 Laser Cutting Systems

CO2 Laser Etching and
Cutting Systems

Class I & IV Laser CO2 Cutting Systems

CO2 Laser Cutting
These machines offer superior flexibility and can be provided with custom automation to integrate easily into your production environment. Our unique 5-axis cutting head (Patent Pending) can cut complex patterns and bevels without secondary machining on any other system.

Systems Are Available With:

  • High-resolution, linear motor technology runs at incredibly high speeds over a large work area – 4 to 5 times faster than ball-and-screw
  • 5 Axis head allows glass-like beveled cuts
  • High-quality laser sources with advanced beam delivery and conditioning systems guarantee superior edge quality for a wide variety of materials
  • Power levels up to 100 to 1kW and available with a variety of laser wavelengths
  • Offered in 2x2ft, 2x3ft, 3x4ft, 4x4ft, 4x8ft, 5 x10ft, and larger
  • Class IV and fully enclosed (Class 1) systems designed with the ultimate in safety, accuracy, ease of operation, and durability in mind
  • Easy-to-clean vacuum table with honeycomb insert
  • Proven, integrated vision system for automatic registration
  • Dual shuttle cutting table available
  • Enhanced assist air for optimal cutting
  • Automated roll or sheet feeding and in-line lamination are available as options
  • Proprietary laser power and modulation control modes for superior cut quality
  • Power and motion attributes for each layer of the artwork, as well as the ability to change parameters on the fly
  • Direct importing of standard CAD and graphics files
  • Expandable, user-updatable materials library for quick job setup
  • Ability to integrate with production lines
  • Matrix capability
  • Remote diagnostic and support features
  • Programmable Z-Axis – auto-focus – provides best cut quality