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4 X 4,  5 X 5,  4 X 8,  5 X 10,  FIBER CUTTING


Laser Americas is proud to introduce our new Class I Fully Enclosed metal cutting system:  A 2D metal cutting laser system for any metal from thin foil up to over an inch thick steel.  This system is built in the USA .  These systems both have a basic bed size of 5’ X 5’, 4 x 8 and to 5’ X 10’.  The 2D metal cutting system has power levels ranging from 2 kW to 40 kW and is capable of cutting up to 1.5” thick steel.  Not only does the system cut 1.5” thick steel but gives a finished edge without post-processing. Available options are vision and  dual pallet exchangers.

The system is fully customizable with a variety of configurations on laser power and material handling capabilities.  Able to cut nearly any metal the Fiber Cutting system has flexibility to adapt to nearly any cutting application.  With advanced software and a simple to use CAD / CAM interface complex profiles and nesting is a snap.   High speed, tight tolerances and fine resolution reduces material waste and maximizes production throughput.  This platform is ideal for cutting scrap from an existing 5’  X  10 ‘ laser in your shop without tying up a high production machine .

This metal cutting system comes equipped with linear motors, which have a higher acceleration profile, no backlash, and a fraction of the wear and maintenance of ball screw motor assemblies.  An additional advantage of linear motors is very high accuracy, repeatability, and reliability.

This new 5’ X 5’ metal cutting system is very competitively priced.  It is also available in 4’ X 8’ and 5’ X 10’.  It is available with or without a pallet exchanger and fully customizable designed ready to cut stainless, aluminum, mild steel, copper, brass, titanium, Inconel and more.  

Laser Americas has over three decades of experience in laser cutting, marking, and welding systems.  Our mission is to meet our customer’s requirements and ensure customer satisfaction.  Contact Laser Americas for a consultation and a quote


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