Fiber Cutting Systems #4 Page 21


Introducing the BES Cube fiber laser cutting system. Utilizing top-quality components, the Cube fiber laser cutting system ensures system longevity while being cost-conscious. Best of all, both delivery and installation are included with the system for no additional charge. The Cube cuts up to 51” X51” and can cut up to 13/16” thick steel with a 4 kW system. The system can also cut aluminum, stainless steel, brass, titanium, and almost any metal. The Cube also includes easy-to-use software, which does not have any additional annual fees.  The Cube is fully Class I, meaning no laser goggles are required.

The Cube is highly accurate, with positional accuracy of +/-0.002” and repeated accuracy of    +/-0.001”. The system also has cutting speeds of 55” per second and up to 4” of vertical clearance. The laser source is the highly regarded American-made IPG fiber laser with options of 2, 3, and 4 kW.   Maintenance is a breeze with automatic lubrication and an easily accessible interior.

A picture of the front of a machine.


  • Setup and Delivery included with purchase
  •  US-based service network
  • Fully Class I, no goggles
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • IPG laser source
  • Schneider electrical systems
  • No annual fees on software
  • Positional accuracy of +/-0.002”
  • Repeated accuracy of +/-0.001”
  • 55” per second cutting speed
  • Automatic lubrication