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Laser Welding Systems

Laser Welding, both Class I & Class IV

Enclosed & Portable Systems

Our Laser Welding Systems are the solution to tight tolerance and minimal heat-affected zone laser welding. With various power levels in CW or QCW laser, our systems have the power to weld thicker materials and the finesse to weld thin ones. With the optional 5C collet rotary attachment, tube welding is a snap. The custom control software provides an easy interface to your G Code files, so setup is a breeze. Multi-axis, robotics, and advanced automation capabilities are available. Fully Class I means that safety goggles are not required to use the system. Built-in a welded steel, freestanding chassis, these are serious industrial machines built for many years of reliable service. Our systems are industrial workhorses to meet the most demanding laser welding requirements.

Our handheld systems are an excellent, cost-effective replacement for MIG and TIG welding.