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Fume Extraction / Filter Systems

Hepa fume extraction systems for safe and clean laser operation

An essential and often overlooked aspect of laser marking and cleaning systems is the necessity of extracting sometimes harmful fumes from the working environment. Laser marking and engraving generate particulate matter and volatile organic compounds, which should not be inhaled or released into the environment. Our fume extraction systems provide a cost-effective method of accomplishing this.

Our systems have multistage filters and heap filter stages, which eliminate virtually all harmful chemicals and particulate matter from the laser fume exhaust.

These systems come in various sizes and capacities. They can be either stand-alone systems or units integrated into rolling carts, which then can hold a “desktop” laser system on top for added convenience and reduction of floor space.

We also provide filtration products for customers needing to restock their existing fume extraction systems.

Laser Americas has the experience to ensure that the system you purchase will meet your requirements for many years. Contact us today for your free consultation.